The 7th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos 2006

July 13 - July 16

The Lotus Fields
13400 Brooklyn Road
Brooklyn, MI 49230
(located west of Michigan International Speedway)
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Please direct any questions to the contact form rather than calling places (other than hotels) in Brooklyn, Michigan. All business at the Lotus Fields will go through us, rather than the site directly.

Ticket Price:
Includes a four-day pass to all events, an amulet, wristband, program, shipping, on-site parking for everyone and much, much more!

Campsite Prices*:
Full site, $100 (3 tents + 1 vehicle)
Half site, $50 (1 tent + 1 vehicle, or 2 tents)
Lone tent, $25 (1 tent)

*: Please note that campsites will only be sold as part of the following combo packs:
Combo Pack A:
Full campsite (holds 3 tents + 1 vehicle), plus five tickets
Combo Pack B:
Half campsite (holds 1 tent + 1 vehicle), plus three tickets
Combo Pack C:
Half campsite (holds 2 tents), plus three tickets
Combo Pack D:
Lone tent site (holds 1 tent), plus two tickets
The cost for combo packs is the campsite price plus the cost for the tickets.

Tickets and combo packs go on sale:
April 14th, 7PM ET

Once more, the time is upon us for the 7th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos! We've been working to get everything locked down 100% before we broke down the flavor to you. Now that the location is set in stone and all the pieces are falling into place, we want all the Juggalos out there to have the information that's available. We've got the location, ticket prices, and all the information about campsites this year that we want everyone to know right away.

As you all can see, for the first time in seven years, the Gathering is moving back to ICP's home state of Michigan, to a new location known as the Lotus Fields. The Lotus Fields are a lot more open than last year with much more available camping, and we are hoping that for the first time in the Gathering's four-year outdoor history, everybody in attendance will be able to camp onsite. Wooooooo! Won't that be crazy!

Campsite Information

Since the Gathering moved outdoors and we started selling campsites, a few problems have arisen. One is that because we've had limited numbers of campsites, many people found themselves without anywhere to stay during the Gathering. Another issue is that there are people who buy one or more sites with no intention of attending the Gathering and then resell them online at a profit, denying the Juggalos out there a chance to get a campsite. And lastly, we had one single person tying up an entire campsite that could have easily held up to ten (or more) people. And that was just not right. We've had Juggalos that decided not to go to the Gathering because they didn't have anywhere to stay, and that's completely stale.

Although we have many more campsites available than last year, we also want to maximize the space so that as many Juggalos as possible can stay at the Lotus Fields (if they want to). So this year, we are bundling the campsites with ticket purchases. Full sites—which can hold up to twelve people in three tents and a vehicle—will be sold in combo packs with five tickets, while half sites—either two tents with up to eight people, or a tent and a car with four people max—will be bundled with three tickets, and lone tent sites—with a single tent—will be bundled with two tickets.

Please note you can always buy more tickets than the minimum—for example, if you buy the full site package (which can hold up to twelve people), it only comes with five tickets. You can always add more single tickets to your total. Also, if your homie is buying up a site, you can just buy a ticket for yourself and stay with them. And for those who aren't down to camp, you still have the option to buy a ticket and stay at a hotel.

The Gathering should be accessible to any Juggalo who wants to attend. For example, Combo Pack D (two tickets and a lone tent) will save you over $120 compared to the price of two tickets and a half site last year, and that's sounding crazy fresh. And more importantly, the odds are greatly improved that those two people will actually get a campsite this year. Between lowering prices on tickets and campsites, moving to a location with more camping space, and bundling the campsites with tickets, we believe that the Gathering will be easier to attend and fresher for every Juggalo out there who decides to go.

In a couple of weeks (or sooner), we'll have the full 2006 Gathering website up and running, with more details about what to expect from this year's Gathering. But we wanted to get this information out there now, so that Juggalos who already know they want to go can start making plans with their homies about going.


We've created a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page to answer some of the more common and important questions we've received. Please read this page before sending in a question, because many of your questions may have already been answered. The FAQ is constantly being updated, as well, as we receive new questions.

If you have any other unanswered questions or comments, please use the contact form to let us know.

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