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We want to answer your questions about this year's Gathering of the Juggalos, so if you're wondering about something, check this page first and see if we've already answered your question. If not, or if you just have something you wanna say, hit up the contact form at the bottom of the page and send it in.

Purchasing Campsites
Purchasing Tickets
Location/Transportation Questions
Campground Questions
Event Questions

Purchasing Campsites

The past few years, it's been almost impossible to purchase a campsite. Will I be able to get one this year?
We believe that between having significantly more campsites available and by selling them in combo packs with tickets, we'll be better able to keep up with the demand for campsites this year than in years past. It's still not a bad idea to get a campsite sometime during the first evening they're available, though, just to make sure.

And the first evening they're available is...?
Friday, April 14, 2006, at 7PM ET.

So what's up with these combo packs?
All campsites are bundled in combo packs with tickets. The bundles cost the same as if you bought everything separately, but they are the only way we will initially be selling campsites.

Initially? So does that mean I might be able to get a lone tent site (currently bundled with two tickets) with only one ticket?
Anything's possible in the future. Our main goal, however, is to get as many Juggalos on the campgrounds as possible and to maximize the space. But if you want to guarantee a spot on the campgrounds right away, the current combo packs are the way to do it.

If I want to stay on a friend's campsite, what do I need to do?
Well, you can either buy one of your friend's tickets off of your friend, or you can buy a ticket individually.

Does the price of the combo packs include tents to sleep in?
No. The combo packs include the tickets and the (empty) campsite for the duration of the Gathering. Anything on the campsite is provided by you.

Even the lone tent?
The lone tent site is space for one tent, where you will be camping with many other people with the same tactic. It does not include the tent itself, just space.

Didn't you say camping was gonna be free?
Nope. What we said is that there's plenty of space for everyone to camp on-site this year. But if you run the numbers, this year, two tickets and a lone tent site is still cheaper than two tickets (and no camping) were last year, so from certain perspectives, it's not free, but it's better than free. And don't forget that that this year, you have a much better chance of actually getting a campsite.

What if I don't have enough space for the entire combo pack on my credit card? Am I just screwed?
Not at all. We will allow money orders or personal checks when campsites initially go on sale. But we will need the payment within two weeks after the date of purchase, or we will cancel the order and resell the campsite.

I just wanted to say that my crew only had three people on a campsite last year because that's our crew. We weren't trying to be shady about it or anything.
It's all good. We know that there were Juggalos last year who didn't want to sell space to people they didn't know, and that's cool. We're not hating on the smaller crews. We just want to use the space more efficiently this year and get as many Juggalos on the grounds as possible. So, for instance, we're totally down with your three-man crew rocking a half site. That's not a misuse of the land—that's the reason for half sites with three tickets. But if your crew isn't five people or more, then you can't get a full site—there's room on the campgrounds, but not that much room, and way too many Juggalos were being left out in the past. We'll have to see what happens, but we think the new system will be good.

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Purchasing Tickets

Can I still attend the Gathering even if I'm not camping at the Lotus Fields?
Of course! We know that campsites will eventually sell out, and also that there are some Juggalos that just ain't down with camping and would rather stay at a hotel. If that's your situation, all you need to do is buy your ticket(s) and you're good.

So when do individual tickets go on sale?
On April 14, when you go to the Gathering web store, you will be able to buy the following items:
Individual Tickets, $165
Combo Pack A (full site + 5 tickets), $925
Combo Pack B (tent and car half site + 3 tickets), $545
Combo Pack C (two tent half site + 3 tickets), $545
Combo Pack D (lone tent + 2 tickets), $355

And where do we go to buy everything?
There will be a link on the main page of the Gathering website to the web store on April 14 after 7 PM ET.

Is there an age limit on attending the Gathering?
The Gathering is open to Juggalos of all ages, but we recommend Juggalos under ten years old stay home. But please note that, although very rare, we always reserve the right that some special events may be 18 years and older only.

Last year, I purchased some tickets from someone on a message board to try and get a good deal, and they ended up not sending anything and my crew had to purchase tickets at the Gathering. Can you post something so people know not to do that?
Definitely. The only way that Psychopathic Records can guarantee anything is if you purchase the tickets/campsites/whatever directly from us. We provide a message board with a spot for selling and trading, but it is caveat emptor—or, in English, "buyer beware." The same goes for campsites and tickets off of places like eBay and other online auction houses. We can't make any promises if you buy anything from a third party.

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Location/Transportation Questions

What happened to the Gathering being in Columbus, Ohio?
Columbus (as a Gathering location) fell through. So we're bringing the Gathering back to Michigan this year. This means that the tactics we had which were based on the Columbus location aren't gonna happen. But the new location here in Michigan definitely brings its own tactics with it. We welcome all the Ohio Juggalos to come on up to Michigan (just a 3-4 hour drive for most of y'all). And, four of the last six Gatherings have been held in Ohio, so we do need to move it around. And who knows? The Gathering may move back to Ohio again at some point. (Don't ask when that point is—we don't know.)

Will I be able to go to the Gathering if I'm flying in (or coming in on a Greyhound, or other transportation)? How will I get to the Gathering?
We're working on a way to help Juggalos who are coming in using public transportation to get to the Gathering. When we have more details, we'll put it online, including a map and directions.

If I don't have a car, can I get dropped off and camp on-site?
Yep. Just make sure that you make arrangements for a place to stay during the Gathering, whether you buy a combo pack or camp with a friend. There is no open camping at the Lotus Fields—everyone will be at a designated campsite.

If I have a site with one (or two) tents and no vehicles, where will I put my car?
There is on-site parking at the campgrounds. (You don't even have to walk across the street this year!) A crew can park their vehicle and walk with their gear to their campsite.

What if my car is on the campsite? Will I be able to come and go?
Cars on campsites will be handled the same way as in years past—if you bring a car on a campsite, it stays until you leave. The traffic would be awful otherwise. But you do have the option to park your car in the on-site parking lot and carry your gear to your site if you want the ability to come and go from the Gathering in your vehicle at your convenience.

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Campground Questions

Where are the Lotus Fields?
Here are maps through Google and MapQuest (whichever you prefer) that show the location of the Lotus Fields. The Lotus Fields are directly west of the Michigan International Speedway (but not at MIS itself).

What's up with swimming this year? And are there showers and restrooms at the Lotus Fields? I'm not really a big fan of swimming, but last year I had to swim because it was often times hard to get at the showers.
There is no lake at this year's location. But as far as the shower situation goes, that should be greatly improved from last year.

Can you let all the Juggalos know the situation for drinking water this year?
This year's location has spots where you can bring a container and fill it with drinking water.

What considerations are you taking for those Juggalos that have disabilities?
We are setting aside a small number of campsites close to the grounds for Juggalos with permanent disabilities. Details for this will come later, but if anyone tries to play the system to take advantage of this, we'll throw out everyone on their site.

What's camping like this year? Is it open field camping or is it tree covered?
Camping this year is pretty wide open.

Well, if it's wide open, can I get a campsite next to some homies to make a bigger and fresher site?
There are plans currently in the works for requests of this nature (and more freshness with campsites). We'll announce that once it's ready, but for now, the short answer is "Yes."

Can we bring our dogs (or any other animals) to stay with us on the campgrounds?

Can we have an electric generator on our site?

If we have a trailer, which size campsite do we need, and what else can go on the site?
Anything over a normal vehicle that you would drive on the road—an RV, a tow-in trailer, a pop-up trailer, etc.—will need to be on a full campsite. If you drive a vehicle in to tow it, that will stay on the site. This will count as your car and the three tents, so nothing else can go on the site.

Can I purchase a lone tent site and just park my car there to sleep?
No. Sleeping in your car in the parking lot is against park policy, and cars will not be eligible to replace the tent on a lone tent site.

So what are all of the rules at the Lotus Fields?
We will post the official rules, regulations, and guidelines for this year's Gathering once they are finalized.

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Event Questions

So what's the lineup for this year's Gathering? What will there be to do?
We are currently working on the complete Gathering site and should have it up soon. It will have full details on everything at the Gathering.

What about the message board?
That will be up shortly as well.

If you have any other unanswered questions or comments, please use the contact form to let us know.

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