The Gathering of the Juggalos 2004!

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Yet another phat underground artist signs on for the ultimate music experience as our homie TechN9ne signs on! TechN9ne is no stranger to Psychopathic, having done some hardcore road-time with Insane Clown Posse as part of the highly-sucessful Wicked Wonka Tour in the summer and fall of 2003. He's performed at Hallowicked, and been mad-down and show nothin' but love for us all, so we knew we wanted to have him along for the ride this July! If you haven't heard TechN9ne's goodness, give him a go right now and find out what you've been missing!

Another week, another artist announced. This week, it is our pleasure to accounce that once more, our long-time Hatchet-homie and hardcore Gathering vet, Vanilla Ice will once again be rockin' the Crystal Forest at this year's Gathering! Those who have seen the man doin' his thing on the uber-popular The Surreal Life, you know that he's always reppin' the Hatchet (peep this pic of the Iceman sportin' a Ringmaster shirt), and so we knew that we needed him back at the Crystal Forest to blow it up once more with his devastating lyrical skills!

While I have your attention, if you haven't already, check out our Message Board, newly cleaned up and optimised for your reading pleasure. Whether you are looking for answers to questions, looking for homies to chill with, or just looking for drama, THIS is the place for you! So, give it a go. You never know: you might meet your true love on the message board!

As anyone who knows about the Gathering will tell, every artist on Psychopathic Records, from Twiztid and Colton Grundy to ABK and ICP, all have a performance at the Gathering of the Juggalos. In addition, each year we bring in outside artists, representing the very best of what the underground music scene has to offer. This year is no different.

And so it is with great pride that we are proud to announce the first of this year's guest artists: WolfPac! Yes, you wanted it, and so we got it! They bring old-school hip-hop beats together with hard-core and metal to make a ass-kicking sound that'll tear your spine out through your ears! They've shown mad-love for the Hatchet, and the Juggalos have shown mad-love for them, and so we're proud to have them at our most celebrated event of the year.

Each week we will be announcing another of our guest artists who will be performing at this year's Gathering of the Juggalos, so hit us up next week to find out who else will be rocking the woods this July!

Psychopathic Records is proud to announce the Juggalo event of the year: The 5th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos! The Gathering is without doubt the largest event Psychopathic puts on, and unquestionably the favorite event of fans everywhere. In one weekend you can catch spectacular performances from every artist on Psychopathic Records and a myriad of other heavy-hitters in the underground music scene, gasp and awe at the finest in high-flying hardcore wrestling, hear all the behind-the-scenes news from your favorite Psychopathic artists, pick up all of the phattest HatchetGear to ever be created, get autographs from the performers, participate in devastating and daring contests, part all-night with thousands of Juggalos, and much, much, MUCH more! It's an event that truly defies just description, too powerful and too legendary for words to do it justice. It is THE event to be at!

This year's Gathering of the Juggalos will once again be at the Crystal Forest Campground, located in Garrettsville, Ohio, outside of Cleveland. It all begins on Thursday, July 15th, and comes to a climatic conclusion on Monday, July 19th at 10 AM: a full four days of flavor!

Look for more information in the weeks to come as to the specifics of who and what will be at the Gathering. For those Gathering vets out there, you already know that you'll be seeing all of your Psychopathic favorites: Twiztid, ABK, Zug Izland, Esham, Colton Grundy, Jumpsteady, and, of course, the one and only INSANE CLOWN POSSE. We'll be announcing the rest of the special guests as we get closer to the Gathering (we wouldn't want to spoil all the surprises right now, would we?).

So, you've heard enough, you want to go, and now need to know about that little thing we call TICKETS. Well, look no further, 'cuz here's what you need to know on tickets for the Juggalo event of the year.

Tickets for this year's Gathering of the Juggalos 2004 are being done a bit different than we have done them in the past. This year, all Gathering tickets will be done using a Ticket Reservation System. Instead of mailing out tickets and a program as we have in the past, all tickets and programs will be picked up at the Ticket Reservation Counter when you arrive at the Gathering, just like many major airlines do for plane tickets.

For security reasons, anyone who is picking up tickets MUST have ID. If you don't have a drivers license, Military IDs, passports, and/or valid State IDs will do. (State IDs are pretty easy to get, and run around $10 in most states.) This, along with a print-out of your confirmation email is what you need to get the tickets you bought in advance for the Gathering! (Sorry, NO tickets will be sold at the door.)

Tickets for the Gathering of the Juggalos 2004 go on sale Monday, March 1st at 7 PM EST at the one-price-for-all total of $180. For those not familiar with the Gathering, that one-time price covers all games, contests, concerts, seminars, wrestling shows, and everything else the Gathering has to offer (merchandise and food purchases are separate, naturally). The Gathering sold out last year 3 months in advance, and this year is likely to be no different. So, if you want to go, BE SURE TO BUY YOUR TICKET ON MARCH 1st! Don't wait until late May and expect there to be tickets left for you!

Campsites for the Crystal Forest Campground will also go on sale on March 1st (strict limit of 1 per order). Last year every last campsite was bought within a half hour of going on sale, so if you want to camp on-site this year, DON'T SLEEP ON GETTING YOUR SITE ON THE 1ST!

Fresh Gathering Entertainment!

This is a preliminary list of what events will be at the Gathering of the Juggalos this year. Some of the items on this list may change, but as it stands, it's all likely to be there. We guarantee you that there is still MORE to come.

Miss Juggalette Competition:
No Faygo-drenched crowd would be complete without a few sticky Juggalettes, and this is their chance to take the stage itself! Ladies of character and charisma get a chance to show off their skills, talents, and anything else that decency allows! Contestants should bring everything they got, cuz the crowd will be loud and the competition will be Wicked!

Faygo Wet T-Shirt Competition:
The only thing better than warm Faygo is warm Faygo dripping off a luscious Juggalette. This event puts them in front of a crowd, and pits them against one another! The winner will be chosen based on Clown Love, crowd reaction, and how she looks in a Rock-and-Rye T-Shirt!

Tattoo Contest:
Your love shows. On your skin. In ink and blood, what? Now's your chance to not only show it off, but prove yours is the dopest, freshest, most original tattoo at the Gathering. Register for this contest and show us the paint that never comes off!

Neden Game:
Do blind dates think you're scary? Do they run when they see your hatchet? Enter this contest and you could score the date you've always hoped for, if she doesn't scare you first! Prepare for our unconventional look at relationship building as you enter: the Neden Game! Juggalos and 'lettes should come prepared to prove why they deserve a date, and punk those who don't!

JCW Try-Outs:
This is your chance to get into the ring and wrestle with the best of the best in the wrestling world ... at least for one event. Accepted wrestlers will be given the basic training of wrestling and get to show off what they learned in an actual JCW wrestling match!

Ring Girl Contest:
Thing you've got what it takes to tear our eyes away from the JCW superstars? Can you carry a big, stupid card that no will look at anyways? Juggalettes can get in the ring and prove it with this competition. Model looks, TV personality, or just a big bottle of Faygo for the judge -- anything could win you this esteemed position! Bring it and show it off!

Karaoke Competition:
So you know all the lyrics to that remix of Ghetto Zone that never left the Lotus Pod, and think you could freak it on stage with Shaggy 2 Dope? It won't happen (cuz he'd murder you) but if you're that down, come prove it and enter the Karaoke Competition. If you got mad skills or just a good memory, come lay it down and we'll tell you what's what!

Psychopathic Auction:
What could possibly be worth more than a ticket to the Gathering? You can't even guess what kind of freshness you'll want to buy at this auction. Netmaster Gordon has a heavily guarded secret vault in our warehouse, and once a year he opens it up. Juggalos will have a chance to bid on his treasures, and take home the freshest, most exclusive items in the Psychopathic universe! Bring some extra chedda!

Juggalo Wedding:
And the bride will be wear white... face paint. Yep, it's back! Watch as one lucky Juggalo couple prepares for a lifetime of marital bliss, all kicked off by a crowd of chanting, ax-wielding Juggalos. Put the Family in family by tying the noose with the happy couple.

Freak Show:
The Dark Carnival gives birth to the scariest coven of freaks and demons since Insane Clowns! The abominations in this show are so gruesome and horrific that I'm not even permitted to see them, until they are unveiled in the Crystal Forest! Gather together and witness this real-life carnival freak show with your homies nearby for comfort!

Juggalo Court:
We can't get you the Ringmaster himself, but the decrees of the Juggalo Court will be just as frightening -- or maybe funny! You never know what you'll get when this chaos is in session. Come see which Psychopathic employees come out to wield the sticky hatchet of justice for your entertainment! Juggalos and Psychopathics are all welcome to take part.

Dodge Ball:
Splat! Bash! Crunch! No, it's not the sound of an ax-murderer in your basement, it's your homies getting nailed by... big balls. These balls aren't the shaggy kind, but they can sure leave a welt! There's nothing like a little random violence to brighten your day, and nothing like clown paint on a dodge ball to say... Ouch! Come join the fun!

Free Tattoo Booths:
Yes, FREE. Worth the price of admission alone, now you can represent just like your favorite psychopathic artist -- with bloody flesh! These licensed, skilled tattoo artists are here to provide the safest, freshest way to PERMANENTLY show your love. These ninjas are so hype, they might be jumping from trees to ink you, or inking random Juggalos from golf carts! Just be sure you tip them, or you might take more than you bargained for from this Gathering!

Faygo Dunk Tank:
Need to relieve a little bottled aggression? Like to hear some poor slob drowning in dirty water? Come down to the Dunk Tank and see if you have the strength and precision to determine some poor fool's fate!

Need to show your girl that you can be a romantic Psychopathic? Trying to escape from a homicidal maniac who's also afraid of water? Just need a chance to relax and enjoy the beauty of the Crystal Forest and its lakes? For whatever reason, you might want to come check out the paddleboats. No camping trip would be complete without it.

Stalkers and assassins with semi-automatic weapons! It's not a military maneuver, but it is into uncharted territory! Hunt your homies down from the shadows and leave your mark on they forehead, splat! Go in teams or just go crazy with Psychopathic paintball! Gear is provided, all you need to bring is the killa instinct.

MC Contest:
Phat AND wack MCs get their chance to tear up the stage and incite mayhem from a crowd of Juggalos, just like ICP do! Unless you suck, then you'll just incite a crowd of Juggalos! Come see if you've got what it takes to perform live on a Psychopathic stage -- and if you're the winner, in the Psychopathic studio! This is you're chance to go from a lowly buster to a Psychopathic artist, so make it count. With all the Juggalo skills going around, expect the competition to be murderous!

Airbrush Facepainting Booth:
The Airbrush Shoppe are back to show off their skills and Clown Love! Get your wicked on with help from dedicated artists who are as hype as you are to be part of the Gathering. Represent in style with Psychopathic designs, or anything fresh that you can come up with!

Cliff Jumping:
You should try... jumping off a cliff! With Psychopathic, tho, your death-wish is safely supervised! We've got lifeguards as well as rescue personnel (just in case) to watch your silly ass plunge from the towering heights into the lagoon below! It's a lot more fun than a dip into Hell's Pit, and you can do it over and over! Suck up your girly fear and jump!

Skydiving Show:
Throughout the Gathering, ninjas will swoop out of the sky to prove that Psychopathic owns the land, the air and the sun itself, what? Watch out below or these aerial assassins will land right on your dome. These guys risk life and limb to show us what real ninjas are about, so look up and give them some props!

After a long day of neck-cutting and hatchet chopping, even a ninja gets messy and sweaty. Come cool off in the fresh waters of Lake Lotus. It's all nice and safe, unless you feel something soft and slippery pulling you toward the deep end, then you're on your own, Juggalo! Enjoy the full experience of camping by taking a swim, under the careful watch of on-duty lifeguards. Pack a swimsuit!

Just for rednecks? Hell no! It takes the juggling skills of a Jeckel to actually hook a worthy prize. Come try it for yourself and see if you could survive on survivor island, after you chopped up and ate all those other whiny bitches, that is.

Get your hoop on with a crew of homies at the "other" Juggalo court. Get some exercise, earn some props, or just show off, it's up to you. Juggalos are a family, and here they can be teams of dribbling ninjas. OK, that was lame, but basketball's dope!

Europathic Booth:
Yep, our overseas homies at Psychopathic Records Europe are going to be in town, reppin' the latest and greatest from the mean streets of Bedford, England. Come see what indescribable European wonders they have in store, as we take the stale old country by hatchet force!

Late-Night Flavor

Just 'cuz the sun goes down and the concerts are done doesn't mean the party stops! In fact, it usually means that the treel parties are just getting started! We've got more flavor than Baskin Robbins for all you insominac Juggalo out there.

Juggalo Night Court:
All the flavor of day time court, but with after hours surprises! Will a guilty Juggalo get hauled off into the black depths of a marsh lagoon? Will flames shoot from the judges eyes to light the night sky? You just don't know! We don't have Bull from Night Court, but we guarantee plenty of bull -- and all the freshness that law-breakin' Juggalos can provide.

Outdoor Movies:
After hours we roll out the monster-size screen and break out with the footage! You and your crew can take it easy in front of our gianormous projection screen and enjoy a fine array of movies from throughout all of time and space (OK, maybe not THAT expansive, but they're good flicks -- honest!). We'll of course be playing the complete selection of home movies that ICP and the other staff of Psychopathic Records has produced over the years, including the Big Silva Documentary and the "big" budget special, Dark Trail.

All-Night Club Party:
When the shows and concerts are all done, we down to the curtain and turn our main stage into the phattest night club you've ever seen! Bump and grind the night away with your host, the quintessential king of hardcore, The Rude Boy!

Campsite Party Contest:
Oh, that's right. All you party-animals out there now have an extra special beenfit for throwing your blow-out shin-digs. Yes, unbeknownst to you, top-level members of the Dark Carnival are prowling through your parties, sizing them up ... all for the Campsite Party Contest! This is your chance to show up even the legendary Camp Chaos with your outdoor party planning, and not only will you you and your boys get a prize, but you'll also have one hell of a phat party to show for it!

Burning Man Ghost:
If you caught a glimpse last year, then surely his image is scarred on your retinas, or haunting your nightmares. This frightful apparition was a campfire myth passed down to us, and is now a legend among the Juggalos who witnessed his devastating appearance last year! The winds carry whispered rumors that this year might see our ghost achieve world renown -- for the world's longest flaming supernatural occurrence (apart from Richard Simmons)!

Frequently Asked Questions

The enhancements made for this year's Gathering of the Juggalos has raised some questions in the minds of the Juggalo nation, and so we've compiled this list of answers to cover your questions and concerns.

Please note that references to "forms" and other such things on this list are all referring to what will be the system. None of these forms are available to the public yet, but will be after March 1st at 7 PM.

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Q: Can I use my parent's credit card to buy my Gathering ticket?

A: Yes, you can.
We know that a good number of Juggalos don't have their own credit cards, and will have to buy their tickets with someone else's credit card. Using someone's credit card without their permission is a crime, so be sure you have their permission before you make charges on someone's card. You're also going to need the signature of the card holder (see below).

Since tickets are picked up at the booth, you can buy tickets with someone's credit card, input all of their address info for the purchase, and then putting all of your ID info so you can pick up tickets. This way, if you used your mom's credit card, she doesn't have to pick up your tickets for you.

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Q: Can my buddy buy me a ticket?

A: He sure can.
He can either buy you a ticket and put it on his ticket order, or he can buy your ticket using his credit card and put it on a separate order. In this case, you fill out the payment part of the order with your credit card info, but fill out the ID part of the order using his ID information. Your buddy gets the confirmation email (since it's for his tickets), prints that out, gets you to sign it, and you're good to go!

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Q: What do I need to buy a Gathering ticket?

A: To purchase a Gathering ticket you need the following:

  • Valid Drivers License
    State ID, Military ID, or Passport will likewise work fine. The important part is that it has your picture and name on the ID, and is a government-recognized form of ID (library cards and school IDs just don't cut it).
  • Valid Credit Card / Debit Card
    Please note that Gift Cards DO NOT WORK for Internet transactions.
  • Permanent Email Address
    All coorespondance regarding your order is principly done through email, so it is important to have a permanent email address where you can get the messages we send. By "permanent" we mean an email address that wouldn't change by July. AOL accounts and the like often let you change your screen-name, and hence change your email address. If you are using one of these for your contact email, DO NOT CHANGE YOUR SCREEN-NAME AFTERWARDS. Also, make sure your account is one that one you alone have access to, as we might be sending important and confidential information to it that others do not need to see.
  • A working printer (or at least a sheet of paper and a pen)
    You'll need a print-out of your order details to collect your tickets, making a printer very handy to have. If you are SUPER ghetto with it, you can hand-write everything on the screen down and bring that, but we highly recommend hitting up a library or Internet cafe and using their printer instead.
Be sure to follow all instructions when purchasing your ticket, and make print-outs (or hand-written notes) when instructed to.

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Q: Can I use PayPal to buy a Gathering ticket?

A: Absolutely.
All you do is select "PayPal" from the payment options, follow the on-screen instructions, and you're good to go! It's no different than paying with a credit/debit card, and makes a good option for people without credit cards.

If you want more information on how PayPal works and how you can sign up, check out their website at:

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Q: What is the process for purchasing a ticket?

A: Here's the step-by-step process of ordering a ticket:

  1. Hit up our ticket purchase form, enter how many tickets you want, select whether you want a campsite or not, and proceed from there.
  2. The next page asks you for credit card information, including billing address.
  3. After that you have an ID page, where you put in the ID information for whoever is going to pick up the tickets. Enter in the information exactly as it appears on that ID. Be sure to fill out the security questions as well, writing down your answers somewhere safe so you don't forget them.
  4. Once this is all done, print out the confirmation page for reference
  5. Within the next business day you should receive an email confirmation that your order has been approved and processed. Print out that email message, have the card-holder sign it, and bring that with you to the Gathering.

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Q: How do I pick up my ticket?

A: Very simple.
Take that confirmation page print-out and the ID you used for the order to the Ticket Pickup Counter in the parking lot of the Gathering, show them both your ID and your signed print-out, get your tickets, programs, and whatnot, and go on your way!

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Q: I've already bought tickets, and want to buy some more. How does that work?

A: Easy.
You now have two orders. Presuming you used the same ID for both orders, you just show the people at the ticket counter your ID along with both print-outs, and collect all your tickets all at once. If you used a different ID for the second order, you'll naturally need that second ID and the person it belongs to along with you.

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Q: I'm in Europe, and has deferred all of its European orders to How do I buy tickets?

A: Same way as everybody else, because ticket sales are going through, which has no restrictions as to where you are from for making purchases.

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Q: So since you aren't sending out tickets, you aren't sending out programs either, right? How do we plan our day out then?

A: No problem.
Our official Gathering website, will have a complete listing of what is going to be at the Gathering, along with a time-table, map, and all that goodness. You'll be able to plan out your days at the Gathering with as much ease as you could with your booklet -- better, in fact, as we can add to the information with any crucial updates that might pop up.

Programs, such as the kind you've seen in previous years of the Gathering, will be available at the Gathering as well. You get them right along with your ticket when you pick them up from the ticket counter. (Each ticket cost includes the cost of the booklet.) Extra programs will be available for sale at the Information Booth inside the Gathering.

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Q: I don't think I can make it to the Gathering until Friday. Can I still pick up my tickets then?

A: Absolutely.
You could pick them up on Sunday evening, if you wanted to, but you'd have missed just about all of the Gathering by then. This new ticket system is not intented to restrict when you have to get to the Gathering, and so we're being as accomidating of your schedule as possible.

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Q: Is one ticket pick-up spot going to be enough for a couple thousand Juggalos all trying to pick up their tickets all at once?

A: Sure, if it is staffed with a couple dozen computer ninjas, such as our booth is. We know that having all tickets on a reserve system such as this has the potential to create some long waits for people, which is why we're taking every possible step to insure that getting your ticket is as fast and easy as possible. Pickup for tickets begins in the wee hours of the morning on Thursday, July 15th, and lasts well into the night. You'll have all the time you need to get your tickets, get to your campsite (if you have one), get settled in and still make the opening ceremony.

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Q: I'm 12. Can I go to the Gathering?

A: If you have a ticket and your parents/legal guardian will let you, sure. The Gathering is an all-ages event, open to anyone who wants to come.

Some events require you to be of a certain age to participate in (usually 18 and over) so that we can legally have the event, but otherwise, you're good to go.

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Q: I have a 3-month-old baby I want/need to take with me to the Gathering. Do they need a ticket?

A: The Gathering is an all-ages event, but it isn't the best place for kids. We do not recommend having children under the age of 10 at the Gathering, but you are free to have them come regardless. However, just like anyone else, they will have to have their own ticket, regardless of age. This is done specifically to discourage people from bringing small children and young kids to a concert-type event.

So, yes, your 3-month-old may come, and needs their own ticket. Sorry, but that is how it has been and shall continue to be for the Gatherings.

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Q: Are you going to have a Gathering Message Board this year?

A: Yes we are.
It is up and running at From there you can get in touch with Juggalos from all over and coordinate all your Gathering tactics.

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Q: How do campsites work?

A: Camping inside the Crystal Forest is broken up into a number of campsites. Each is about 30' by 30', has a capacity of 10 people. You can have up to 3 tents, 1 car, and 1 fire. All tents must be kept at least 5' apart from each other, and 5' from the fire pit.

Any car on a campsite must have a special sticker that we give you in the corner of the window (this sticker is different from last year's sticker). That sticker allows the one car you put it on to drive into and park inside the Crystal Forest. We HIGHLY discourage you from moving your vehicle once it is inside the park, though you are free to leave if you absolutely must. RVs, U-Hauls, campers, and other very large vehicles count as both your car and your 3 tents, meaning that they are the only thing you can have on your campsite.

Basically, campsites are like they were last year.

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Q: How do I buy a campsite?

A: You buy your campsite at the same time you buy your tickets, and in the same way. We have a strict limit of 1 campsite per order. Campsites are $200 for the weekend. Basically, they are bought the same way that tickets are.

When buying a campsite, you may choose from the various districts of the campground for where you want to camp. If a district isn't listed, it's because campsites for that area have already sold out. Additionally, for those familiar with the park from last year you may request which campsite you want to be at. We make NO guarantee that you will get that particular campsite, but we will try to put people where they want to be. If you aren't familiar with the park, don't worry about it: anywhere on the grounds is still WAY FRESH.

If you plan on buying a campsite, BUY IT ON MARCH 1ST. They go on sale with tickets at 7 PM EST, and are expected to be gone by 7:30 PM, so get be on-point and get them with the quickness!

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Q: How do I pick up my campsite?

A: Campsites are picked up the same way as tickets are, at the ticket counter using your ID and a your confirmation print-out. Each campsite has a certificate of ownership for the weekend and window sticker for your car.

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Q: I'm planning on sharing a campsite with my crew and we will have more than one car. Will there be additional parking somewhere for the extra cars? And if there is, Will there be an additional cost?

A: There is a big parking lot for anyone's car at the Gathering. Since only one car is allowed per campsite, you could park your extra cars at this parking lot. It's good and secure, so there's nothing to worry about.

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Q: Can I order just a campsite?

A: Sure.
If you order a campsite by itself, it'll be on its own order. If you later purchase tickets, you'll have to pick up that order as well -- both of which you can do at the same time when you are at the ticket counter.

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Q: What's up on campsite prices this year?

A: Last year, as we got further into the weeks proceeding the Gathering, we were getting slammed with hidden costs for the campsites. In the end, we lost our shirt on campsites last year, and didn't want to have the same thing happen this year, and hence needed to raise campsite prices accordingly.

Yes, $200 sounds like a lot of money, but when you think about it, that's $200 for 4 days, meaning it's only $50 per day. That is compariable to the cost of a hotel room, except that here you're on the actual grounds where all the excitement and parties are taking place. If you have two people on the site, that cost goes down to $25 per person per day. Now think if you had 10 people on that site. Your cost per person per day is now just $5. Sure $200 SOUNDS like a lot, but it really isn't as bad as it sounds when you do the math.

Campsites were set up with large groups in mind. If you only have one or two people, you might want to look into a hotel to stay at instead.

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Q: If we can't get a camp site can we stay in a hotel and drive to the Crystal Forest Campground each day?

A: Absolutely.
I have found some people were confused on the idea behind the campsite. The campsite is merely a place for you to stay. You are welcome to stay wherever you want to, be it a campsite you bought, a hotel you checked into, someone else's campsite who was kind enough to loan you some space, at your home or apartment (if you leave nearby), or whatever.

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Q: Is my car going to get messed with at the parking lot?

A: Not at all.
The parking lot has full 24-hour security for the whole weekend, so you have nothing to worry about.

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Q: How do I find someone else who is willing to let me in on their campsite?

A: There are many ways, but one of the easiest is to put up a message on the official Gathering of the Juggalos Message Board. From there you can get in touch with Juggalos on a dozen different things related to the Gathering, including getting a spot at a campsite.

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Q: How do I find a hotel?

A: We suggest you use the Yellow Pages or the Internet. The nearest towns to the Crystal Forest are Warren, Youngstown, and Cleveland.

With hotels, we recommend keeping these handy tips in mind:

  • Don't mention why you are booking a room.
  • Don't trash the room. The hotel will just hit you up with the costs, and it makes Juggalos everywhere look like animals.
  • Be respectful of who you are speaking to, even if they aren't being as respectful of you as you would like.
  • Remember that you want something from them (their hotel room), and so you need to take it easy on the people who work there, or they wouldn't let you stay in their place.
Hotels aren't the place you want to be partying and being wild. The Gathering is a 24-hour party, with MAD places to get your groove on. PARTY THERE. When you go back to your hotels, TAKE IT EASY. Hotels don't want a bunch of people storming in at 4 AM being loud as hell and obnoxious. Remember, there are other people trying to sleep in the hotel, so please be respectful of them. Otherwise, you might get fined, thrown out, or both, and that does NO ONE any good.

This is a list of a few hotels in the surrounding area.

Holiday Inn
Newton Falls OH
Must have 21-year-old in room
13 miles from park

Microtel Inn and Suites
Streetsboro OH
Must have 18-year-old in room
22 miles from park Super 8
Streetsboro OH
Must have 21-year-old in room
23 miles from park

Comfort Inn
Streetsboro OH
Must have 18-year-old in room
23 miles from park

Hampton Inn
Streetsboro OH
Must have 21-year-old
24 miles from park

Holiday Inn
Streetsboro OH
Must have 21-year-old in room
28 miles from park

Townplace Suites
Streetsboro OH
Must have 21-year-old in room
24 miles from park

Fairfield Inn
Warren OH
Must have 21-year-old in room
20 miles from park

Remember, we do not have direct contact with any of these hotels, and are not responsible for their policies and/or prices. If you know of a hotel that has available rooms and would like to be on this list, please let us know.

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Q: What if I switched my ID after I placed my ticket order?

A: If you want to change your ID address or some other information about your order, we have a handy form you can fill out. You'll need some of the information from your ticket order (so we know that you are actually YOU who should be making these changes), which is part of why those print-outs are so important.

The only things you cannot change are the name on the order and your email address. These are both for security reasons.

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Q: Can I cancel a ticket order after I bought it?

A: Yes, provided you cancel it before May 1st, 2004. The confirmation email has instructions for contacting us about getting a refund. Just follow them, and we'll get a refund check out to you with the quickness (the card itself is not refunded).

After May 1st, you're committed to your tickets.

Don't buy a ticket if you don't know if you can go. Tickets will sell fast, yes, but they aren't going to go overnight. Take the time to get your time together, and then purchase your ticket. We'll give you warning in advance if tickets are going to sell out.

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Q: Can I order tickets for myself and others?

A: Sure.
The one thing to bare in mind is that while you can order tickets for your crew on one ticket order, only one person can pick them up. That one person would then have to give their crew their tickets, which shouldn't be much of a problem for most crews. Working out how the people who you bought tickets for pay you back is up to you.

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Q: What if I bought a ticket for my boy, but he's coming a later on?

A: We have a very-obvious Meeting Point in the parking lot specifically for getting together with your homies outside of the Gathering. It isn't set up as a permanent spot to linger, but it works for swapping tickets for cash with your boy who bought you your ticket.

Another tactic is to make two separate purchases of tickets for the Gathering, and put one of them in your boy's name. That way he can just pick them up himself.

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Q: How do I sell a ticket?

A: Once you have bought a ticket, you can't sell it, at least in advance. If you bought tickets before May 1st and now don't have a need for them, you can still get a full refund for the ticket.

Alternatively, you can make arrangements to meet someone at the Gathering itself and physically exchange your unwanted tickets for their money. In this case, you just pick up your tickets as per normal, and sell them physically afterwards.

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Q: I don't have a credit card and want to purchase Gathering tickets. What do I do?

A: You can purchase tickets for the Gathering via mail order. Completely fill out our mail order form and send it to us with a check or money order for the total. Because of the limited availability of campsites, you may not purchase them via mail order. We will then send you an email receipt that you can print-out and take to the Gathering.

Q: What if i do not have a credit card and wish to use a bank account instead?

A: You can't use a bank account to pay us for tickets. If you have a debit card for that bank account, you can use that in place of a credit card. If you don't have a debit card, you can take out the necessary amount of money from your bank account, take it to most party stores or other places that sell money orders, get a money order for your tickets, and use the mail order form (available March 1st) to buy your tickets.

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Q: What if I want to pay cash?

A: Same situation as above: get a money order, fill out the form, and send it in.

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Q: I don't have a computer and/or Internet access, but still want to order tickets. What do I do?

A: Well, the easiest thing for you to do is to find a computer with Internet access, but if that just isn't possible, you can order your tickets via mail order as detailed in the answer above this one. Just be sure to mention that you don't have Internet access, and we'll make arrangements for you to get your receipt.

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Q: Are there showers on the campground?

A: Yes, there are.
We have shower facilities for anyone who needs them. Like all things at the Gathering, they are free of charge.

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Q: Can I bring my own food?

A: We do have multiple food vendors at the Gathering, so there isn't a need to bring your own food, but you are welcome to if you want to.

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Q: Can we bring our own golf carts or something similar?

A: Sorry, but no.
There's just too many people walking about to allow everyone to bring golf carts or similar transportation.

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Q: Can I bring a camera to the Gathering? How about a camcorder?

A: Cameras and video recorders are both welcome at the Gathering. During concerts, you may only use disposable cameras for taking pictures. Anyone caught video-taping one of the concerts or seminars will have their video camera confiscated and not returned. Because of the similarity between video recorders and cameras, anyone taking photos with anything other than a disposable camera at a concert or seminar will likewise have them confiscated. Cameras and video recorders are fine for use at your campsite and about the grounds, just not at the concerts, seminars, and the like.

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Q: Can we bring liquor to the Gathering?

A: Yes, provided it is not in glass containers (plastic only, please), is not an excessive amount (anything from a keg or less should be fine), and you are of legal age for alcohol.

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Q: Am I going to get assed out from this complicated computer system you guys have here?

A: Absolutely not.
We have our best people working at the ticket counter to make sure that NO ONE gets assed out from the Gathering. Our system is designed to protect people who have tickets and keep out people who never bought them. Many of the steps and precautions in this system are there to make sure everything is secure for those who purchased tickets. It isn't something we did on a whim. This is a carefully-planned, well-developed system that we've had in the works now for quite a few months. Major airlines have been using this sort of system for plane tickets for a while now without incident. It will work, because we are going to make sure it works.

NO ONE who bought a ticket will get assed out.

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Q: How fresh is the Gathering going to be this year?

A: Every single year of the Gathering has been better than the last, and this year is no exception. We've got some POWERFUL plans in the works for this year, the details of which we will be dropping as time goes on. For now, all you need to know is that it will, without question, live up to and SURPASS the hype you have heard about it. That we can promise.

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Q: I have questions you haven't answered yet. Can you give me the answers to them?

A: No way!
Figure it out for yourself!

Naw, I'm just playin' with ya.

A good spot to go for answers is on the official Gathering of the Juggalos Message Board. On this board you can find veterans of many of the Gatherings, including last year's, who can give you the voice of experience on many issues.

We try to answer all the important questions people have, but we know there are a lot more out there. SO, if you have a question you need answered, hit us up with this handy contact form.

We don't always get back to you personally with an answer, but we do try make sure every question is answered before the Gathering occurs. Lots of times answers to questions will come at a later time, in a similar form to this list of answers here. Other times the answers are covered on the website. In most situations, just be patient and the answer will come soon enough without asking for it.

In short, please don't fire out a question about every little thing you aren't certain about, and don't expect an answer right away. We are reading what you send it, and will try our best to make sure you know what the dealio is.

A small sample of the photos from last year's Gathering: