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Celebrating 15 Years of Family Flava, Juggalo Style!

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Welcome, Juggalos, to the brand new Gathering of the Juggalos website! As this is the 15th anniversary of America's most notorious underground music festival, we're changing it up. New location! New events! And new flavor! Lots of new flavor!


This year's Gathering is going to be reinvented…starting with this very website. For one thing, this site will be constantly updated as new developments arise. As soon as we get confirmation that an artist is going to be performing…BAM! You're gonna know about it! Up here at Psychopathic we are hard at work on this site and all of our social media pages,  GOTJ Facebook and Twitter, to give you day-by-day updates on all the devastating flavor that you can look forward to at this year's 15th Juggalo family reunion. 15 years up in this bitch! Can you believe it, ninjas?