Gathering of the Juggalos 2003

What's up Juggalos?

The Gathering this year was so off the chain that I feel like I still haven't fully recovered yet and maybe I never will. Four days and four nights of flavor that will be forever remembered as some of the greatest and hardest days of my life. How could it not be pure magic with all those thousand of Juggalos camped out all together running parties deep in the woods all night long. From the Paintball games to the late night movies, everything magically fell into place on that weekend with no major problems. Everywhere I went ninjas were giving me daps and thanking me for the Gathering saying it was the best time of their lives, it was for most a four day natural high. Even the damages this year where down to a minimum, which was a true testament to the love that Juggalos have for the Gathering and a sincerity to see it continue. For that I want to thank all the ninjas that attended this year for pulling together on this mass effort and especially to those who volunteered their time to insure no vandalism accrued. (Mad props to the Watchdogs for that.) I feel that the Gathering this year reflected our true family and I am so honored to be a part of a family so grand and filled with such fresh ass ninjas.

Even the rain stopped for the Gathering. It was raining down in Ohio for about three months straight breaking all previous records for rain in the Ohio state in the summer time. They have currently received over 10 inches of rain and the closest that Ohio has ever experienced to that was in 1958 when they had 7 inches. Miraculously a week and a half before the Gathering happened the rain stopped and the sun came out, dried everything up, the Gathering happened and then Monday at about 6am it started all over again with a torrential downpour that's still going on. Straight up magic is what I feel or at least we were incredibly fuckin lucky.

I knew that the Gathering was on a whole other level when one ninja almost drowned in the lake (the lifeguards saved him.) Then the next day the ninja walks up to me in his hospital garb and tells me that the doctors told him he had to stay in the hospital to recover for a couple days. That ninja looked me in the eye and handed me his plastic medical bracelet and was like "I had to break out Jumpsteady, the motherfuckers just didn't understand that the best medicine for me is to be here, you think I would miss this? Hell no." I couldn't believe it when the ninja turned around and walked into the crowd, back from the dead, so to speak. It was then that I knew that the Gathering was truly on some magic shit and ninjas were feeling it just like I was. I can't even begin to try to put the Gathering into words on what it was like or the countless emotions that ran through me. So instead I have inserted some photos that I hope will speak for the Gathering on their own, because all I can say is it was unfuckinbelievable! Believe that! Thanks Juggalos for one of the best weekends of my life.

As for the police - what happened was they expected the worse because the rumor mill was running full steam ahead and they were eating it up and so they put an armada of police on the roads. We have received countless emails with complaints from Juggalos about being pulled over for no reason and searched and basically harassed. I had no idea how bad it was going to be until a few days before the Gathering they started pulling over our employees leaving the Quarry Park. Every single one of our people working at the Gathering got pulled over at least once and many of them two or three times. Was it wrongÉyes it was in every way! We are just as mad as everyone else who was harassed, it was a total breach of our freedom. To make matters worse the police are now trying to make us pay for all of there overtime which could come out to a shit load of money. So basically they are trying to make us pay for them harassing everyone for four days. How's that for fucked up? They were wrong to put that many police on the road to begin with and after that first day (Thursday) they should have realized it wasn't what they thought it would be and then cut back on their police force! But did they, no. Instead we had police helicopters flying over head, Juggalos being pulled over left and right who were obeying the speed limits and an army of police on Sunday night ready to raid the place during ICP's concert. I asked the Police and Park Rangers direct about their Gathering experience and they all say the same thing, that they were surprised at how well the event went off and they had virtually no trouble over the course of the entire Gathering. I for one feel that all Juggalos deserve an apology from the Police Department for their total breach in their rights and someone should investigate the situation down there to make sure this kind of injustice never happens again. I am also very glad that they were not inside the Quarry Park itself because there's no telling how far they would have took it. We at Psychopathic are waiting to see how the whole thing pans out before we commit to a course of action.

As for Myzery's supposed diss on me - I called him direct about what was said on his new album that seemingly is a diss on me. He said that the song was written along time ago and is a reference to Nancy's last boyfriend. You see me and Nancy were apart for a few years after Samantha's birth and she started to date another guy, then later on we got back together. Myzery said that the song was a statement on her ex-boyfriend because he was somewhat abusive towards Nancy. What's a little messed up though is the fact that he knew that the diss would be mistaken for me but he left it on the album anyway. It has definitely left a salty taste in my mouth. I still have Myzery's back as I always have and wish nothing but the best for him but at this point I don't think of him as a true friend because friends don't use their friends to start a little controversy to draw attention to themselves. In wrestling what he did is known as cheap heat. He said he would do Internet interviews to correct the situation and I don't know if they are up or not but I still feel like my name got dragged through the mud, none the less. Also for the record I have never and will never lay my hands on a woman. Especially one who I love, is my best friend and mother of my daughter. Also Samantha will always have a father because raising her is mine and Nancy's single most important goal on this planet, we love her more than life itself.

Now for the props - Putting on the Gathering was by far no easy task and it took many a long night here at Psychopathic to make it all happen so below I want to end my statement by giving props to certain key ninjas that helped me put on this years Gathering. First of all props to Pat Harris who was my right hand man through all of this and we worked side by side for the past four months to bring it all together. To Alex, Netmaster Gordon, Steve and Tom 2 and the entire Psychopathic crew who helped me during the organization of the Gathering when they weren't busy with other projects, their help as always is invaluable. To Crazy Doug, Mack, Netmaster Gordon (again), Tom 2, Steve Z and Southern Crumpet who where apart of the first wave to go down and live at the Quarry Park for a month before the Gathering to get it in order. Not a lot of ninjas knew this but the Quarry Park was expanded upon to allow more room for Juggalos to chill. Mad amounts of campsites had to be made, which meant that firepits had to be built, signposts erected, trash removed, brush cleared and leveled in order to make the extra 200+ campsites that we made (some of them from scratch.) These ninjas straight up worked day and night mostly in the pouring rain to make it all happen to the point where they were beginning to have nervous breakdowns and shit. At the end of each workday they where covered in mud head to toe, wet as fuck and barely walking from exhaustion. Also Mad props to Jim Turos who almost single handedly installed all the roads in the Quarry park so that cars and ambulances could reach any area. Jim is beyond human when it comes to his dedication of getting a job done and every morning when we heard his bulldozer turn on we knew it was the crack of dawn. Crazy ends to Mike Magnes and his lifeguard crew who saved several ninjas over the course of the weekend who were having trouble in the water and saved at least one ninjas life, mad props for that. Super Mad Props to Bridget Rogers who was the main supervisor for all the Nelson Ledges Quarry Park employees. She went way above the call of duty to insure the Gathering succeeded. She was one of the only ones that had her shit together when all hell was breaking loose. Her whole family are straight up hard working ninjas that attack a job with great enthusiasm. Special props to Kay and her husband at Entertainment USA for having an open mind to this event. When we first arranged it with her, we thought we would need a third of her property for parking that we ended up using. Even though the parking area went way beyond our expectations she was calm and cool about the whole thing and took it in stride. She is one of the nicest ladies I know and it was a pleasure working with her. Mad props to Carl P of Tenable Security. I don't know what you guys thought of their security as a whole, but their head ninjas are straight up veterans in the game. They handled some serious situations for me on their own intuitive and they won my respect over the course of the behind the scenes battles of the Gathering. Mad props to Mike Nelson and his EMT team that treated Juggalos with injuries insuring their well being. Those ninjas did a lot of chillin over the weekend but as soon as someone was hurt they would jump into action like madmen to frantically help the injured and took their jobs seriously. Special props to The Airbrush Shoppe Etc. ninjas (Amy, Colleen and Jason) who provided the face and body painting and are now converted Juggalos because of the experience. They told me that they connected with the Juggalos on a deep level and felt that they have found their lost family. Mad props to them for all the crazy live work they did. Shit I just realized I could go on forever with all the ninjas who made the Gathering happen, hundreds of people worked at the Gathering itself to add the flavor of all the special events from Aaron Stocum and his skydiving team to Big D working the RC Car Racing, mad fuckin' stupid props to everyone who worked at the Gathering this year!!!!

Last but not least a special super fuckin mad shout out to Evan and Kristina Kelley for all the hard work they put behind the Gathering to make it all happen. They were right there with me in the trenches making it all happen and took a stand in the town meetings to voice their rights to have the Gathering happen even when their was some people that were dead set on not having it take place in Garrettsville. Mad love to their family for that. Also I want to thank Nancy and Samantha for all the hardships I put them through working super long hours and hardly being home for months at a time, I love you both for your patience and understanding. I was just glad that they both got to be at the Gathering this year to see it all unfold so they could see why I put so much time into it, they too were touched by the magic and walked away with some of the best days of their lives.

Mad props again to the Juggalos. It is all of us together from around the world that create the magic that is the Gathering of the Juggalos! See you next year for the Gathering of the Juggalos 2004 !!! Five years running and growing stronger each year! Peace!

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